Litigation – Corporate, Contract, Business

Corporate, Contract and Other Business Litigation Handled by Steve McNichols

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  • Successfully defended an international corporation who was sued by a supplier of an enterprise software system purchased by our client. The plaintiffs claimed that our client owed them money. Our client cross-complained for breach of contract claiming that the software provider had overcharged, had not performed on time, and had produced a defective product. The cross-complaint included claims for breach of contract, breach of warranty, fraud and unfair business practices.
  • Jury verdict for damages and an injunction against the former CEO of a corporation who went to work for a competitor and violated a non-compete agreement. Obtained a defense verdict on a cross-complaint brought by the former CEO claiming that she was deceived into selling her interest in the corporation and misled regarding the terms of the non-compete agreement.
  • Favorable binding arbitration award defending a corporation and its officers and directors and a partnership and its partners from an action brought by the widow of an officer and shareholder of the corporation and a general partner of the partnership. The plaintiff claimed that she had been deceived as to the value of company when her interest was purchased after the death of husband.
  • Binding arbitration award on behalf of a UK company that installed telecommunications infrastructure in a breach of contract action against a publicly traded telecommunications provider. The award exceeded $2 million and included all of our client’s attorneys’ fees and costs.
  • Judgment in a court trial on behalf of a long time corporate employee who had been promised stock in the corporation by the majority shareholder in exchange for services rendered to the company. When the employee terminated his employment, the majority shareholder denied the agreement. The court found the defendant liable for fraud, misrepresentation and breach of fiduciary duty and assessed compensatory and punitive damages.
  • Court judgment in the United States Court of Claims against the United States Navy on behalf of a government contractor for breach of contract. The court found that the Navy attempted to force our client to give up his rights under the contract by sabotaging the operation of his business located on a Navy base.
  • Binding award in an international arbitration for a New Zealand inventor in an action against a Korean manufacturer for breach of a patent license agreement. The arbitration was held in Auckland, New Zealand.

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