Inverse Condemnation and Takings

Our firm has represented land and property owners in takings cases in Federal and State Courts from trial all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  These claims often focus upon making the complex connection between what was taken, and the injury resulting from the deprivation, matters requiring considerable experience.  Where appropriate, we work with qualified consultants, such as engineers and appraisers, to protect the Constitutional rights of the property owner and obtain just compensation.

Our experience in these areas covers a broad range of matters affecting this practice area, such as rights-of-way, public and private encroachments, landslides, title matters, drainage issues, lost rentals, water rights, easements, access issues, and subsurface and air rights, to name a few.  At the start of his career, John Patton participated in one of the largest takings/valuation cases in U.S. history, the Penn Central bankruptcy litigation, which involved massive and complex compensation claims by 13 major railroad systems against the U.S. government.

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