Land Use, Permitting and Entitlements

Our practice encompasses all aspects of the permitting, environmental review, development and construction, for projects both large and small.

We advise clients on preparing land use applications and obtain approvals and entitlements for their behalf. We direct development projects from their inception through completion.

We know that permits and approvals are not where the project ends; but where it truly begins. As a result, we are mindful of the pitfalls to implementation and construction that can be avoided at the approval stage of a project.

We often help clients formulate and implement community, government and media relation strategies and when necessary litigate and defend land use and environmental challenges, including initiatives and referenda.

Our experienced attorneys also represent clients in eminent domain and condemnation (physical and regulatory taking) claims. We will defend your property rights when the state or federal government initiates a taking of your land or property rights for a public purpose. We will work hard to prevent the taking, if that is your objective, or to ensure that you receive just compensation for impairment of your property or your loss of use.

Contact us by email or call our office at 925-600-1800 for a confidential consultation with one of our experienced land use attorneys. Evening and weekend meetings are available.