Qui Tam / False Act Matters

The law protects individuals that report fraud to the government.  Qui tam actions were based on the theory that one of the best ways to prevent government fraud was to have whistleblowers reveal the fraudulent actions committed by the person or company.

Sometimes, these frauds can cost taxpayers millions of dollars and whistleblowers who successfully expose fraudulent actions can share in the financial recovery as his or her reward.  At other times, investigations and cases are brought for advantage and all or portions of the claim may exceed the intended scope of the False Claims Act.

Regardless of your position, Patton Sullivan Brodehl LLP will protect your rights.  Qui tam and false claims act cases require a high degree of confidentiality, and experience in complex litigation working with many parties, including government agencies.  Our lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of the qui tam and false claims act laws. We know the respective parties’ rights, and we can quickly assess your case to determine its viability.  We have also worked with government agencies on several qui tam claims.

We understand there is more at stake than just money. Let our knowledgeable, experienced California qui tam attorneys manage your case and guide you through the process.

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