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About Us

At Patton Sullivan Brodehl, our attorneys 

    • Serve as lethal courtroom advocates and trusted boardroom advisers
    • Achieve recognition for excellence and leadership in their practice niches
    • Provide small firm service and attention with big firm muscle and experience
    • Out-hustle and out-smart the (often larger) competition
    • Understand that clients need more than just "aggressive advocacy" - they need accurate translation, diagnosis, and forecast-based guidance
    • Harness the right mix of technology and personnel to operate leanly, intelligently, and efficiently
    • Give every case partner-level attention and strategic counseling
    • Think outside the box to find unique solutions to the thorniest of real estate and business problems
    • Recognize that business objectives should drive litigation strategy and define litigation success
    • Appreciate our clients’ entrepreneurial vision and strive to emulate their success