Patton Sullivan Brodehl LLP provides a full range of real estate transaction and litigation services for property owners, investors, operators, and developers of many different property types, including commercial and office, shopping centers, mixed use projects, industrial, and residential.  We also represent real estate agents, mortgage bankers, brokers, private lenders, and loan officers.

The team of legal professionals at Patton Sullivan Brodehl LLP handles every transaction with the utmost care, to prevent any last-minute stumbling blocks from stalling or derailing your transaction.  Our real estate attorneys also litigate and mediate real estate disputes.

Our comprehensive business legal representation includes counsel in matters, such as:


    • Acquisition and disposition
    • Commercial leasing
    • Finance
    • Entity selection and formation (LLC, joint venture, partnership)
    • Common interest developments / condominiums
    • Secured notes / deeds of trust / guarantees
    • Construction
    • Regulatory compliance


    • Breach of contract (purchase and sale, development, joint venture, partnership, lease)
    • Breach of fiduciary duty (LLC members/managers, partners, joint venturers)
    • Specific performance
    • Deeds of trust, foreclosure, and lending
    • Liens and priority
    • Title and title insurance
    • Fraud and nondisclosure
    • Commercial leases
    • Easements, adverse possession, and boundaries
    • Partition
    • Eminent domain and inverse condemnation
    • Construction and mechanic's liens
    • Land use
    • Environmental issues
    • Landslides and subsidence
    • Water and air rights
    • Broker liability